Final Degree Show - This is it.

July 12, 2019

For the past however many weeks, I have been in limbo.


As of 2pm on the 13th of May, my entire formal creative educational career was over. Just like that, click of the fingers, done. It was an abrupt end to an era, and a surprisingly quiet one at that too. But then, less than 3 weeks later on the 4th of June, everything that I had been working towards and everything that I had known for 3 years was entirely over. A bittersweet feeling let me tell you, though a sense of relief did fly over, which was certainly a slight surprise. And in the ensuing weeks, I have had time to think and reflect on the experience. And what a rollercoaster experience it has been.


The nature of my show was to follow travel through the medium of photography. If you know me personally, you'll know that photography is a huge part of my practice and my take on Photojournalism is exactly what I like doing the most. Travel is a safe-case storyline, but a photographic presentation was actually a little bit more of a risk, as all of my work was surrounded by wonderful paintings and sculptures. Whether that risk was worth taking or not, I dont know if I will ever know, but I am glad that I took it, given the circumstances regarding the presentation. Up till nearly 4 weeks before, I had planned a completely different piece, and on suggestion by my tutors, I changed tactics and plan with an incredibly slim turn-around length of time. But somehow, with essentially next to no time to turn it all around, I made it and the display itself was a collage of personal experiences. Using my travel and photojournalistic projects as the images on display, I was able to create a narrative that was entirely unique to me, whilst adhering to guidlines set by the course and the tutors. 


But even though the work was up for the best part of about a month and a fair few people saw the work, it is safe to say that I am glad that that chapter of my life is over. My time on my BA course taught me more than it ever meant to, especially in regards to everything to do with life outside of a classroom. And for that, I will be thankful. As for classroom based learning, it is safe to say that I learnt just enough about art and creativity to suffice, without really delving into intriguing statements, thoughts or anything else of the sort. But, some of the visiting talks where beyond fascinating and sparked interests I didnt know I had. 


My third and final year was an experience, with multiple project changes over the course 7 months. Swapping from photography to illustration to abstract paintings and back to photography? Easy to say it was a year of definate change and perhaps that is what made it less of a stagnated and boring year. The frequent changes kept me on my toes and kept it so that I was still thinking about things and ways to be creative in my practice. 


Going back to my display I titled my show Domicilium, as it was a personal show, showcasing the lives I had lived recently, with images showcasing my Cardiff series, images from my Thailand and Singapore series' as well as images from my UAE series. Along with the larger showcase areas, two shelves of little photo zines and books where ready to be looked through, showcasing work from my British Arcades Project, and the two mini series' that I have done on Falmouth and the start of the ongoing Albert Docks series. Needless to say, my display used up the most paper. Each aspect had a significant meaning and reason to be there, as each were pivotal in cultivating the perfect show which was a showcase of snippets of the world, through my eyes, which is what I wanted from the show. In all, even though it was a hassle to get to it, I am glad that I did because having such a personal yet impersonal show to display, and at such as scale, was a relatively exciting thing. A collection of photographs which also included images from a few different places around the UK and further afeild, it played homage to things that I had discussed with the tutors earlier along with new things that I made on the lead up to the final showcase. Books and Zines were a major part of the planning stages and included as I could not forgoe that particular idea. 


Since the end of my degree however, I have been trying to get back into painting, and I can be honest here, I have been missing painting and doing things like that so much that of late, its been hard to find something to paint. However, I think I have found my mojo again and I glad to be juggling all of these things again as that is what I enjoy the most - having a variety of things to do. 


Either way, the end of that chapter has come and gone and we are onto the next. Here is a little snippet of the show and everything I displayed. 


Thanks and as always, see you on the flip side






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