Christmas Commissions 2017

November 1, 2017

As Christmas is right around the corner, people will start to look for gift ideas and ways to make Christmas special. I would like to announce that I am giving the entirety of November and till the 10th of December to commissions! I will be doing personal work at the same time, so I will have work on a slot based system, thus resulting in a first come, first served basis. But, I really would like to make sure I can create a piece for everyone!


So, for this, I do have a few points to make sure that it is all successful. 

  1. -If you want a photograph of a loved one or a group of people painted, please send through the photos in the highest quality that you can get. If its not the highest quality, Im likely to struggle to get the detail in the final painting. 

  2. -If it is a group of people, I also need you to specify if you want a series of canvas' or them all together. 

  3. -I also need to know the size and medium you would like - acrylic/oil.

  4. -If you're not after a painting, but would prefer a graphite drawing, that is do able. However,  there are slightly more strict sizing rules. You can email me directly for more details. 

  5. -In our correspondence, I will give you a price, because different things will lead into the final price, i.e. Size/Medium/Shipping.

  6. -I will also be selling photographic prints, my original abstract paintings and 3 books! Keep you're eye open for more details on the books, they will be released soon.

I am really excited about this, as Christmas is meant to be special. I do have some slots taken up already, so get in fast!


Thanks and see you on the flip side,



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