Teamwork - How it can form from the most unlikely of places

October 17, 2017

When it comes to the nitty gritty, sometimes, I don't want to work in groups. I don't trust that the group will hold up their end of the bargain and contribute to actually making something worthwhile. Considering I am a university student and I am required, by the school, to partake in "group work", it is not ideal. Yet, sometimes, it can be a secret blessing in disguise when you know that the team will hold up their end of the bargain. 


In a moment of pure suddenness, I was asked to create a personal project with someone, because of my photography. They were/are new to imagery and do not quite know where to begin. Their plan is totally original. They have all the makings of a strong, compelling project, in which they have also allowed me to showcase. This honesty and politeness threw me as it really did take me by surprise. The project puts into context the completely unexpected. A total juxtaposition between two worlds. The context is undeniably unique, in which traditional regalia is worn out of expectations and normalities. It will be a really interesting series of images, that could evolve to full blown projects in their own rights. 


Then, on a second instance, I orchestrated and started a conversation in which I have organised a gallery show! My first, "non-contribution" gallery show! It's very exciting and I'm really excited to get everything sorted!


When you are forced into a group, you have to deal with what cards you are dealt. But when you decide, the chances of a better work is beyond what could be expected.


I am very excited about both these, along with the other Self Directed Projects I previously spoke about. I can't wait to give you all updates. 


See you on the flip side



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