Finding my Painting Style

September 6, 2017

Style in Art and Illustration specifically, is very important. In the day and age of social media where you can choose to post your work online and have the world view it, you would want something than makes you stand out but also uniquely your own. 


When I think about creating a style, I remember school and I think about yearning. I was not good in school. I spent years trying to cover the fact my only strength when it came to art, was manga. And even that wasn't very good. I could have spent months on it, enhancing the skills I needed to make sure that the work was decent enough to be even considered as good looking. I used my photography to cover it and, to an extent, it worked really well. It was like a mask I could hide behind.


In school, there was only one style that people looked for in most of the paintings everyone made, and that was realism. Everyone tried to paint realistically and, to be perfectly honest, I could not. My attempts at realism where shocking and all attempts have been burnt at the stake, metaphorically speaking.


This is where the stylistic impressions come into play. I fell in love with the French Impressionism pieces, and I really wanted to try out the style. See if it fit my hand. I twisted it to fit my own work, and thus this style was created. It's forever to be a work in progress and evolution. I adored the fact that the work looked like a painting, instead of a photograph. This, to me, was a massive lead in towards my interest in working with this style. And for all the portraits I have completed, this was style I have completed them in. 


With my abstracts however, it was months of experimentation and colour scheme testing. I wanted to be individual in it and use all my own styles. I really enjoyed woking with different mediums, such as Acrylics, Oils, Spray Paint and Airbrush. The textures I achieved through all of them was interesting as it showed me a handful of different possibilities I could look into.


The majority of my paintings are Acrylic based, yet I am completely open to using different mediums and using them all to their best ability. I'm currently experimenting a lot with Oils, and I can't wait to finish and share them. 


For me, a lot of the exploration was experimentation. And still is, will continue to be, and makes up a large amount of what I do. I will do a follow up from this, with a selection of tips to help anyone looking for other snippets of advice to finding a style. 


Thanks and see you on the flip side, 





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