The Beauty of the Self Directed Project

August 16, 2017

My natural nature leaves me needing to keep myself busy. I get bored easily and I need different projects all at the same time to keep me occupied and thinking. Which is one reason why I thoroughly endorse the concept of "The Self Directed Project." 


When it comes to deciding on a project, it can be simple, or extensive. Require research or just some paint. It may be a word that sparks something which causes a thought that leads to something that you will be proud of. 


I have been through the UK school system, and for creative courses, Projects are at the height of importance. To create a compelling project is something that everyone should aspire to do. A title as simple as "Portraiture" can be strong, but for me, it needs to have an underlying idea, which can be translated into the art. For some, its not that easy and they play to their strengths, without leaving much to the imagination. I'm more of the person to try and incorporate the early concepts to my work because I'd rather have viewers thinking about my project and see the premise in each piece. 


I currently have 2 projects underway at the moment. Both contrast and compliment each other, allowing me total creative freedom without feeling like I am trapped working on one project alone. For the Project titles, I wanted to keep it simple, yet effective. "Daydreamers" and "Submerged" are the names and I'm very excited. Because they are both self directed, I have ensured that, in my capacity as a young artist, I will be able to create two strong portfolios of work, which carry my art ethics. 


"Submerged" and "Daydreamers" will be the first projects I have completed without total "teacher" supervision. As a second year student, the conversations and frequent work viewings is removing the entertainment away from creating work. Its making it more of a process in my eyes, and I needed a change. "Submerged" will theme solely on nature, how Fire and Water can collide and be catastrophic, harmless and stunning at the same time. "Daydreamers" is a project I've been meaning to kick off the past year but haven't really had the time or space to completely immerse myself into it. "Daydreamers" is a project based around the modern person. I have completed portrait paintings before, but the projects have not had a distinctive baseline to it, leaving it really open to viewer interpretation. I have called the project "Daydreamers" as an umbrella name for the generation of people, a similar age to me, who are living in the Internet Age; i.e. now and how we are all living in a bubble of big hopes and dreams.  The portrait series will be a showcase of the modern person, their identities and how they wish to portray themselves to the world which is more and more rapidly becoming digital, along  with a story to go with them. 


Both projects were inspired by a lack of inspiration. I had been zapped of all interest for a while and I was stuck in a rut and needed something to keep me going. Sometimes, all you need is nothing to get the brain going. 


I am really excited to get going with these two projects, and I'll be posting updates on them soon!


See you on the flip side,



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