New Abstract Painting - Close ups

June 29, 2017

To be brutally honest, I'm amazed I filled this canvas. I had bought it for a massive portrait painting but I couldn't actually face it (no pun intended). My motivation for the original piece wasn't there but thats ok, because I took the opportunity and spun it on its head. I'm really happy with this piece too because its a few firsts for me.


The piece, which is for sale in Abu Dhabi alone, is 1 meter by 1.5 meters and is a mixed media. Using both Acrylic and Oils to enhance the colours allowed me to create a vibrant piece of work. The size was new to me. I have created large scale paintings before, so t he size was not really too big an issue. My issue was content. How to fill it and keep up the momentum. I really could not wait to start it, but I also couldn't wait to finish it. When it comes to working with large scale and so much space, I decided to take a different approach and use as much colour as I wanted. I usually wear quite dark colours like black and navy, so constantly looking at so much bright colours threw me for 6. 

 All things said though, I really enjoyed making this piece. I liked the overall madness of it all and how to mix together both the oils and acrylics to make a showstopper. It is one of my absolute favourites I have ever done.


"Summer Brights" is on sale, with the original listed here, and prints available soon!




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