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February 15, 2017

As I am now well into my first year at University, I have been on the hunt for research sources and inspiration. And I thought, why not start a Tumblr blog? The site is rife with artwork, by amateurs and professionals alike and I though what am I going to loose from not doing so. 


Upon starting this blog, I thought that I might as well reblog each piece of artwork I find inspiring and relevant. Following the tags #art, #photography, #installation, #ceramics, #illustration, #animation #productdesign #graphicdesign and many more, I can create a "sketchbook" filled with all I find inspiring. 


Here are the links to my Tumblr and University timeline, if you're interested. 


Take care, E.

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Yes, exactly that. I am currently on an artists residency. Which is something I never thought would happen, or perhaps not directly out of Uni.


To be on Residency

November 27, 2019

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