Painting a Pair

July 14, 2016


The Great British Summer is in full swing (even though we are to get some hot weather) and I have been getting my fair share and dosage of rain. Because of the rain, I have been keeping myself busy with a selection of paintings and a small project. For a project, I am doing some work in the "Expressive Life"style. Here, I painted my cousin and his dog for my aunt as a gift. 


Meg and Edward are actually inseparable. I took the Photograph of Edward first in my garden, with him having a green background. We both agreed that the green background worked, so Edward actually asked if he Meg could have the green background as well.


I had not painted in this style for a while, but I found that I could grasp it really quickly. I found that I was struggling slightly with certain aspects on  Edward, such as his nose (I hate painting noses), but I fixed it and I am really happy with the entire outcome. With Meg, I wanted to capture the fluffiness of her fur. Meg is a Sheepdog and I was desperate to replicate the masses of hair that she has. 


All in all, I am really happy with both of these paintings as I feel that I have found a style which I am really comfortable with. 


Take care 


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