DESC Art Exhibition 2016

June 2, 2016


Recently, I went to Dubai English Speaking College’s 2016 exam years Art Display. A close friend was displaying her A Level Artwork and I wanted to go and see it. DESC had titled their exhibition “Blend”, which was a nice change from my school, who hadn't given our exhibition a name. 


DESC’s Art Department is run by a talented team of teachers who put together an incredibly impressive display, accumulating the talent from 3 exam year groups, similar to my school. 


I found that this display showcased the intense talent of 3 different year groups beautifully. Each student had equal space to display their work. When I walked into the gallery, I was blown away by the immense diversity of the work exhibited. The incredible diversity of work with traditional fine art media, sculpture, film, photography, installation and printmaking which was on display showed how tirelessly the students and the teachers had worked together to create high grade work. The sketchbooks that had been added to the display allowed the viewers to understand what the artist was creating and the journey they went on to create the work that they have.


I was only there for not too long, which means I cannot go into too much detail but I was impressed. The unique nature of the exhibition was very different from the likes of my schools. One thing that I found strange was a lack of canvas work, which had been an aspect which travelled through all of my schools projects, nearly everyone did a canvas painting of some sort. Almost all of the large scale pieces had been done on either one or two pieces of cartridge paper. 


Other than a lack of canvas, I was impressed at the creativity that was on display in the gallery, from A Level and GCSE projects. If I were to, I would be interested in going back to DESC and looking at next years display, to see what has been created and if there is any change in the work that is being produced

Me,  and my friends Yasmin and Sehar who where exhibiting their work. (Guys if you have read this, your stuff was amazing!)




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