12 Jul 2019

And thats a wrap, my university life over. A strange sense of loss occured.

15 Jul 2018

A quick description about my upcoming portrait project; Daydreamers! The plans, in's and out's, materials, final intentions and other such things.

6 Jun 2018

 Another year has come and gone, rather quickly. Yesterday, I set up my final exhibition space, showcasing the best pieces that I created over the course of this year. Granted, I had created a lot more than I showcased, but as you can see, there...

28 Dec 2017

Another year has come and gone and its a rather scary prospect that the world is still moving on. Yet at the end of it all, all I can walk away with is motivation to create new works for the next year.

1 Nov 2017

As Christmas is right around the corner, people will start to look for gift ideas and ways to make Christmas special. I would like to announce that I am giving the entirety of November and till the 10th of December to commissions! I will be doing per...

17 Oct 2017

When it comes to the nitty gritty, sometimes, I don't want to work in groups. I don't trust that the group will hold up their end of the bargain and contribute to actually making something worthwhile. Considering I am a university student and I am re...

6 Sep 2017

How I found my personal painting style and how I work with it.

16 Aug 2017

My natural nature leaves me needing to keep myself busy. I get bored easily and I need different projects all at the same time to keep me occupied and thinking. Which is one reason why I thoroughly endorse the concept of "The Self Directed Project."...

5 Aug 2017

Hello everyone

So recently, since returning from a trip away, I was scowering the Internet for photo projects, looking for inspiration in every corner. During my search, I stumbled upon the "100 Strangers" project. The premise is quite obvious,...

1 Aug 2017

Facts about my shop, giving a piece of art a loving home and everyone a piece of art.

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